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Hankvision AI Conference ends perfectly! Empowering AI security for continuous upgrade

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Hankvision AI Conference ends perfectly! Empowering AI security for continuous upgrade

The AI Conference hosted by Shenzhen Smart Security Chamber of Commerce was successfully held at the Hilton Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 28th to 29th July. The conference was supported by Hankvision and Hankvision participated in the event with a number of new products and features, showcasing Hankvision's latest achievements in the AI intelligent video field.

As one of the sponsors of the conference, Hankvision showcased a number of intelligent security products, including industrial temperature measurement camera, smoke and fire detection camera, fire warning camera, infrared thermal imaging body temperature measurement camera, hotel-specific face recognition panel machine, temperature measurement face recognition panel machine (e-sentinel for epidemic prevention) and AI intelligent head machine. These products are the latest achievements of Hankvision soft in the field of AI intelligent video, showing the strong strength of Hankvision in technology development and application, which attracted many visitors to visit and consult.

Among them, Hankvision's industrial temperature measurement camera is highly praised by customers for its high precision, high cost performance and high reliability. The products are widely used in the fields of temperature measurement and thermal imaging in metallurgy, steel, glass and electric power industries, greatly improving production efficiency and safety. Smoke and fire detection cameras, on the other hand, enable timely detection and alarming of smoke, flame and other precursors of fire, effectively preventing fire accidents from occurring. Fire warning cameras have a three-in-one monitoring function for fire smoke, fire source and temperature, enabling early warning before a fire occurs and timely measures to safeguard people and property.

The hotel-specific face recognition panel machine and temperature measuring face recognition panel machine (epidemic prevention electronic sentry) are intelligent face recognition access control systems suitable for hotels, shopping malls, schools and other places, which can realize security monitoring and also enable easy and quick access to places.

The AI intelligent head machine, on the other hand, is one of the core products in the field of intelligent security, with functions such as automatic tracking, human detection and multi-scene switching, which can effectively enhance the intelligence level and application effectiveness of video surveillance systems. In addition, the product also features high-definition image acquisition, long-distance monitoring, 360-degree rotation and high-precision positioning, providing users with a more intelligent, comprehensive and efficient security solution.

It is worth mentioning that in the "2021 Jiu Pulse Cup - 2nd AI Security Quality Enterprise Award" ceremony, Hankvision was awarded the Outstanding SaaS Solution Provider Award by virtue of its hardcore strength. This further proves the strength and advantages of Hankvision in terms of technology innovation and service. This award is a high recognition of the achievements, professional services and influence that Hanwha has achieved over the past year. Hankvision will continue to improve its technology innovation ability, market competitiveness and brand influence to empower the development of AI security industry.

In the future, Hankvision will continue to plough deeper in the field of AI intelligent security and explore more intelligent, efficient and secure solutions. At the same time, the company will strengthen cooperation and communication with enterprises in various industries, gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and pain points of each industry, continuously improve its technical innovation capability and service level, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.

Overall, the products and technical strength demonstrated by Hankvision in this AI conference not only injected new vitality and momentum into the AI security industry, but also showed the strong strength and potential of Chinese enterprises in the field of intelligent security. With the continuous innovation of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, I believe Hankvision will achieve even more brilliant achievements in the future development path.


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