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Hankvision Wireless Surveillance Kit is coming!

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Hankvision Wireless Surveillance Kit is coming!

With the acceleration of "Safe City" and "Smart City", monitoring demand in our country is also rising. However, in some residential, office, old urban, remote areas, and areas with complex monitoring points, if the traditional wired method is used, it may cause problems such as cumbersome wiring and high installation costs.

Hankvision has launched a wireless surveillance kit, which solved the problems of high wiring costs and cumbersome wiring, and makes the operation more convenient.

In response to this problem, HanHui Nuctech has launched the wireless monitoring kit, which adopts wireless transmission technology to better solve the problems of high wiring cost and cumbersome wiring of traditional monitoring system and make the operation more convenient.

The wireless transmission technology has been deeply optimised to greatly enhance the wireless anti-jamming capability, and the embedded professional enhanced wireless receiver module makes the transmission more stable and efficient. In addition, the product is equipped with the Doodle Smart Platform, which has a simple and clean operating interface, allows remote control of the device and real-time monitoring status, and supports Googlehome and Amazon Alexa intelligent voice assistants, making the user's experience more intelligent. Moreover, the HANHUI Nuctech Wireless Kit is extremely cost-effective in terms of price, and thanks to years of deep experience in the industry, the product has greater advantages in terms of stability and ground effect.

Not only can the HanHui Nuctech wireless monitoring kit bring users a more convenient, efficient and intelligent monitoring experience, it will also contribute to the development of smart city construction.

It is reported that the main features of the HANHUI Wireless Surveillance Kit include visualisation, high definition, easy installation and easy operation. Firstly, the product is simple and generous in appearance, simple and clear in operation, no professional skills and complicated operation are required in the process of using, which is convenient for users to install and debug, and the whole process of wireless monitoring can be realised. Secondly, the HANHUI Wireless Kit is equipped with a professional enhanced wireless receiver module with strong anti-jamming performance, which can effectively avoid the interference of interfering signals and ensure the stability and reliability of transmission.

The HANHUI Wireless Monitoring Kit is widely used in many scenarios, including residential communities, commercial areas, schools, hospitals, public places and so on. In residential areas, as it does not require wiring, it greatly reduces the cost and engineering volume of monitoring construction, and also reduces the impact of monitoring construction on the community environment and residents' life, greatly enhancing the security of the community and the quality of life of residents. In commercial areas, wireless monitoring kits can be flexibly installed at multiple monitoring points to achieve all-round and multi-angle monitoring, which can effectively guarantee the security and management of commercial areas. In public places such as schools and hospitals, the Hankvision Wireless Surveillance Kit can monitor the safety of students and patients around the clock and without dead ends, preventing accidents and improving the efficiency and quality of security management.

Overall, the launch of the HANHUI WTV wireless monitoring kit will effectively meet the market demand for wireless monitoring equipment, especially in some old urban areas, remote areas and areas with complex monitoring points, the wireless monitoring kit can better solve the problems of high wiring costs and cumbersome wiring. At the same time, the high cost performance and stability of the HANHUI Nuctech wireless kit has also made it widely recognized and praised in the market. It is believed that in the future development, HANHUI Nuctech will also provide a variety of expansion accessories that can meet the monitoring needs under different scenarios. For example, for outdoor and night surveillance needs, HANHUI Nuctech has introduced HD night vision cameras, which can achieve 24-hour surveillance and clear recording even in dark environment. For more demanding environments, such as industrial parks and docks, HANHUI also provides cameras made of special materials such as explosion-proof and waterproof to ensure the equipment can work normally even in harsh environments.


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