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Hankvision successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise re-examination

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Hankvision successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise re-examination

Recently, HanHui Nuctech successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise re-examination and was recognized as the first batch of national high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen in 2020. Since first obtaining the national high-tech enterprise certificate in 2017, Hanwei Nuctech has been moving forward with the idea of science and technology innovation, and its various work in the past three years has been affirmed.

The re-examination of the national high-tech enterprise is to examine the core areas such as the enterprise's independent intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the level of research and development organization and management, as well as the financial growth, to assess the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation ability and development level. The passing of this re-examination reflects that Hanwei Nuctech has continued to maintain progress and development in all aspects.

As a company focusing on HD video surveillance solutions, HHNV has been committed to promoting the innovation and development of surveillance technology and constantly providing more intelligent surveillance solutions for users. Not only does HHNV have strong independent research and development capabilities, but it has also established close cooperation with famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad, constantly carrying out cutting-edge technology research and leading the development trend of surveillance technology.

Under the increasingly competitive market, Hanhui Nuctech has maintained a strong development momentum. The company continues to promote its international strategy, expand its international market and enhance its brand influence. At the same time, Hanhui Nuctech continues to optimise its R&D process and quality management system to improve the R&D capability and quality level of its products, so as to provide users with better quality products and services.

HanHui Nuctech has been insisting on technological innovation, constantly pushing out new ideas, actively introducing and absorbing new technologies, new concepts and new methods to provide users with more advanced, reliable and efficient monitoring solutions. In terms of technological innovation, HanHui Nuctech continues to deepen its product research and development, strengthening the intelligence, networking and security of its products by developing new hardware, software and algorithms to further improve the competitiveness of its products.

In recent years, the product development level of HanHui Nuctech has continued to improve, launching a series of innovative products to significantly improve the intelligence of surveillance system, making the surveillance system more autonomous and intelligent. At the same time, the intelligent face recognition technology and vehicle number plate recognition technology of Hanwei Nuctech have been widely applied and well received, providing important support for social security and traffic management.

In addition, Hankvision also actively participates in the development of industry standards and technical exchanges at home and abroad, possessing rich technical experience and technical resources, which provides a solid guarantee for the company's technological innovation. The company also continuously strengthens the cooperation with outstanding enterprises in the industry to jointly promote the development and progress of the industry.

In addition to technological innovation, HHNV also focuses on management innovation, promoting the digital transformation and intelligent management of the enterprise, and improving the operational efficiency and management level of the enterprise. The company actively explores new management modes and management tools, strengthens information construction and data management, and enhances the digital and intelligent level of the enterprise.

In the future, Hanhui Nuctech will continue to take advantage of technological innovation and management innovation, deepen product development and management reform, enhance the core competitiveness and market influence of the enterprise, continuously promote the expansion of domestic and international markets and product upgrading, become a leading domestic HD video surveillance solution provider, and provide users with more intelligent, efficient and secure surveillance services.

The revalidation of HHNV as a national high-tech enterprise is a confirmation of the work done by the company in the past three years, and a spur to its future development. Hanhui Nuctech will continue to uphold the concept of technological innovation, continuously improve its independent research and development capability and innovation ability, promote the innovation and development of surveillance technology, provide users with more high-quality products and services, and help the development of the industry.


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